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Review: ABAP Basics

Posted by pcscon on February 6, 2009

abap-basicsAuthor(s): Günther Färber and Julia Kirchner

Number of pages: 467

This is the tutorial  book that I recommend to everyone who wants to start programming ABAP.  What the  book “ABAP Object: ABAP Programming in SAP Netweaver” is to those who need a reference, this book is to those who are beginners. After I bought the before-mentioned book, I still needed a tutorial, so I could get some hands-on experience.

In a perfect way, it starts out by introducing the reader to the Object Navigator (SE80) which is a must to those who work with ABAP OO. Very good explanations and exercises go hand in hand. You get to program your first “Hello World” program with the Object Navigator as a “soft start” to this tutorial.

After you have become familiar with the Object Navigator, the tutorial leads you into learning to build applications from scratch starting with data dictionary design. Then you go all the way through screen painter (by the way; one of the only screen painter tutorials that I have seen), then to a full guided tutorial on the core elements of ABAP OO programming such as ALV made with OO, BAPI etc. You can go all the way to a fully running application with this book.

Further to this as an appendix, you get both a practice scenario and the recommended programming guidelines for SAP ABAP OO development based on SAP’s on best practice.

This is the book for beginners in ABAP OO development and it will be a good companion while you get more and more experience with ABAP OO.

Ratings (1 is the lowest and 5 is the highest):

Value to beginners: 5

Value  as a tutorial: 5

Value as a reference: 3


One Response to “Review: ABAP Basics”

  1. alex said

    Abap book for beginner I suggest

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