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Review: ABAP Object: ABAP programming in SAP Netweaver

Posted by pcscon on February 6, 2009

abap-object-prog-netweaverAuthor(s): Horst Keller and Sascha Krüger

Number of pages: 1017

For around 12 years, I have worked as a SAP developer on many SAP projects around Europe. When I started out with SAP, we worked on version 3.1. At that time programming SAP was procedural and reletively easy to approach. When Netweaver and ABAP OO was introduced, we all had to update our skills to the object oriented programming environment. How to cope with ABAP OO ? Well, one of the options is to join the training program at your local SAP office. As a freelance consultant that is a very costly way to achieve your programming knowledge.

I looked around to find a more cost-friendly way to learn ABAP OO and finally in 2007, the English version of the book on your left was published.

This book is a very comprehensive book to swallow and if you expect to get some real hands-on tutorial here, this is not the book. This book is mainly a reference combined with all the relevant theory about ABAP OO. You are presented to the theory of the following areas within ABAP OO:

  • The basics of ABAP in general and OO
  • Classes and Objects in ABAP OO
  • Advanced concepts of ABAP OO
  • GUI programming with ABAP OO
  • Dynamic programming
  • External interfaces
  • Testing and analysis tools

If you have worked with Object Oriented programming before for instance with Java, you can quite easily understand what ABAP OO is about with this book, but if you as I, come from procedural ABAP programming this is not really the book to learn ABAP OO from.

Being the first book about SAP development that I review here on this blog, I will rate from 1 to 5 in these categories:

Value to beginners: 2

Value  as a tutorial: 1

Value as a reference: 5

As you can see, this book is for the experienced developer who needs a reference book to lean on. If you are new to ABAP, I will present a much better alternative in one of my other reviews.


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