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Review: The developer’s Guide to SAP Netweaver Composition Environment

Posted by pcscon on February 9, 2009

The developer's guide to SAP Netweaver Composition Environment

The developer's guide to SAP Netweaver Composition Environment

Author(s): Jan Rauscher and Volker Stiehl

Number of pages: 354

Getting into the world of Java was a new thing to me. I thought for a period that I would have to make a little plan for how to understand the Java world. I found out that learning Java from scratch would be my best way to get there. I can only recommend my own way, which went over the “Head First Java” book from O’Reilly. This book is fantastic to learn plain Java from as a total beginner. I worked my way through this book and suddenly I found myself programming Java ! Highly recommendable to you, dear reader. Another good advice is to use Eclipse as your Java editor when learning; this will prepare you for using Developer Studio.

My next step was to start learning about the new Netweaver CE from SAP. I searched and I found a few books on that subject. The first one I worked with was this book (the one on the picture to the left). When I received it, I found it bit thin and light. 354 pages, how can they teach me all that in 354 pages ? Well, let’s see; I started out by installing the Netweaver CE and Developer Studie from the CD that is delivered with the book.

This book starts out with a very good explanation of the concept of composite applications, and that chapter prepared me for the exercises/tutorials. The first sample application is made with Visual Composer and you design 2 pages with that. Fine, nice to know about Visual Composer. Then you get familiar with Developer Studio and that gave a good impression and training with a little Java programming. After the small programming exercise you learn how to make a wizard with Visual Composer.

Then we are getting hands-on with Guide Procedures in the Netweaver Portal, which is covering the subject very good. You soon get a feeling that this is the core subject of this book.

One thing you have to be aware of: One of the exercises requires access to another SAP ERP system with BAPI’s available.  Bad luck for me; I do not have that, so I had to skip this exercise. This happened again with another exercise about Guided Procedures and I also skipped that one. Please take that into account before buying this book, so you don’t get disappointed.

The overall impression of this book is good; however you have to be fully aware that this is mainly about Guided Procedures and not Java development for SAP. If you are looking for that,  I will review another one later called “Java Programming with SAP Netweaver”. I am currently reading the beginning of that one and it looks  more like the book for Java development.

Ratings (1 is the lowest and 5 is the highest):

Value to beginners: 3

Value  as a tutorial: 4

Value as a reference: 3


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