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Review: ABAP Objects – The Official Reference

Posted by pcscon on February 19, 2009

ABAP Objects - The Official Reference

ABAP Objects - The Official Reference

Author(s): Dr. Horst Keller and Joachim Jacobitz

Number of pages: 2 books 483 / 1077

This official refence is a pure reference. You cannot learn anything from it the tutorial way; you can only use it as a book for looking up commands and syntax for ABAP OO.

The strange thing is that when you do not know this book, you tend to buy it because you get the impression that you can learn something new from it. That is not the case and it only makes sense to buy it, if you don’ t have access to F1 Help in a SAP R/3 system.

The most useful chapter in this book the one about obsolete statements. If you have worked with the classic ABAP and is doing a migration of custom programs into ABAP OO, is has a very comprehensive and useful chapter about changing the syntax into ABAP OO from the classic ABAP that cannot be used anymore. Well, that’s also for most cases included in F1 Help…

So, if you have access to F1 Help you are well off with that already. I was a bit disappointed to be honest, because it makes no sense to let people pay for what is already there.

My advice is to spend your money on one of the other more useful SAP books.

Ratings (1 is the lowest and 5 is the highest):

Value to beginners: 1

Value  as a tutorial: 1

Value as a reference: 5 (but only if you have no access to F1 Help)


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