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Review: Java Programming with SAP Netweaver

Posted by pcscon on March 1, 2009

Java Programming with SAP Netweaver

Java Programming with SAP Netweaver

Author(s): Karl Kessler et al

Number of pages: 677

This book was published in autumn 2008. It contains a CD with a Netweaver CE system and NWDS (Developer Studio). The version of CE that is included is unfortunately older than the version that you can download from SDN. I have the version from SDN installed and I thought that it would do ok as it is older than the book. Well , it went ok for most part, so I just used the CD for getting the packed files needed for the exercises.

If you, as I, work as an independant SAP consultant, this book have it’s limitations as you are neither a SAP customer nor a SAP partner. Some of the exercises in the book requires that you have access to for instance ES Workplace on SDN, which you cannot get if you are on your own (outside SAP customer or partner circles). I wrote an e-mail to the author and I stated these issues to him:

The text is not an exact copy but modified to fit into the context of this review:


  1. Chapter 4 – Java Persistence is not in line with the CE system if you run the version that you can download from SDN.
  2. Chapter 5.3 – Consuming a Service – you will not be able to use the models from ES Workplace at SDN if you are not a SAP customer or SAP partner. You will not be granted access to this place. I had to skip this one too.
  3. Chapter 6.2 – Web Dynpro calls a Web Service – This exercise learns you how to use a web service from a public site and integrate it into Web Dynpro for further development. The mentioned URL does not exist anymore. I also had to skip this one.

These issues lowers my impression of this book a great deal as most of us read it for learning mainly Web Dynpro for Java. Especially about the use of public web services, I gues it would be better to place the services on a dedicated area on SAP’s own area like SDN.

BUT, if you are an employee of a SAP customer or partner, do not hesitate to get this book. Then you get a very valuable companion on your way to become a SAP Java developer.

This book also contains chapter with exercises about Visual Composer. If you already have the book “SAP Netweaver Composition Environment”, you will find out that this exercise is an exact copy from that book.

Another very important pre-requisite is that you will get nothing from this book if you don’t know Java as a language. The book contains quite much code and it is not explained to those who do not know Java. You learn about the API’s that SAP delivers for CE programming and you learn how to integrate them into standard generated Java code.

On the bottom line line, I must say that I am quite disappointed about this book. SAP and their authors must be aware of that thousands of people around the world are independant consultants and programmers without the access to special SAP services. They have to take that fact into account when writing these books. These books are available to everyone as they can be bought from Amazon etc. If you are independent and without access to SAP, I would not recommend this book. But with all accesses available, don’t hesitate  to buy it !

I look forward to a revised version of “Java Programming with SAP Netweaver” where everyone has access to everything.

Ratings (1 is the lowest and 5 is the highest):

Value to beginners: 4 (If you are SAP customer or partner)

Value  as a tutorial: 4 (If you are SAP customer or partner)

Value as a reference: 4



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