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Review: Web Programming in ABAP With the SAP Web Application Server

Posted by pcscon on March 17, 2009

Web Programming in ABAP 


Web Programming in ABAP


Author(s): Frédéric Heinemann and Christian Rau

Number of pages: 577

Finding a book on BSP programming was not that easy, but here it is. Included is a full version of SAP Web AS version 6.20. However, as always, I recommend to download the latest Netweaver from SDN (see Links section).

This is a tutorial book where you can get much hands-on experience of BSP programming. The authors start out by explaining the architecture of the SAP Web application server and even the J2EE Application server as well. The around 100 pages about these areas are well-explained and gives you the basic knowledge before you start to program BSP.

Before you start to program BSP, the authors give you a quite expensive advice: They advice you to get Adobe GoLive 6.0 or Dreamweaver as it is named now. This is a quite expensive software package and you don’ t need it for working with BSP in this book; it just perhaps looks better. That’s all.

As an introduction to the full tutorial, you are introduced to the part of the ABAP Workbench that deals with BSP. This is quite different to programming reports etc. Further to that you are also introduced to the Services concept that gives you control of all running services on the server. 

Your prerequisites for getting full advantage of this book is ABAP programming. Although the tutorial is loaded with HTML code, you can easily understand it as the HTML code is explained . If you have knowledge of Javascript this is only one more advantage for you.

The tutorial is based on (good old) Flights tables where you are to program a small BSP application for flight booking. Those of us who have attended SAP training and certification knows SAP’s own flight tables very well. You learn how to structure your web pages into a start page (default) with some graphics in it to introduce the user and then you move on to the following pages where you learn how to handle table data on the subsequent pages. This includes learning how to create new records and also how to make selection screens for the flight booking system. You end up with a fully working application made with BSP and you are well guide all the way. Very good !

Further the the very good tutorial you get an appendix that contains the interfaces and classes for BSP programming also well explained.

Ratings (1 is the lowest and 5 is the highest):

Value to beginners: 4 

Value  as a tutorial: 4 

Value as a reference: 4


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