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Review: SAP CRM Web Client Customizing and Development

Posted by pcscon on August 31, 2010

SAP CRM Web Client Customizing and Development

Author(s): Michael Füchsle and Matthias E. Zierke

Number of pages: 413

This excellent book kills 2 birds with one stone. Whether you are to customize or develop components for webUI for CRM this book covers both.The first 7 chapters are about customizing of CRM 2007 and 7.0. Chapters 8 to 17 are all (or most) that you need to know about developing webUI components for SAP CRM. Basically this book was written for CRM 2007 before 7.0 was released. However, chapter 17 explains the main differences between 2007 and 7.0 in short.

If you work your way through this book using CRM 7, you have to be aware of the minor differences between the references in the book and CRM 7. This book was made for CRM 2007. One of the major differences is the paragraph about EEWB (Easy Enhancement Workbench). The example in the book is about adding fields to parts of the application using EEWB. This is no longer needed in CRM 7. In CRM 7 you use AET and you can add fields from the web client application area without the help from a developer.

Working my way through the book, I found that the practical examples sometimes leaves you with unclarity at first. What steps you have to do in order to achieve the outcome of an exercise is generally kept as instructive text telling yoi to do this and that and then it should be there ! It might be because the author wanted the reader to fully understand the subject before succeeding with the exercises. Don’t expect a step by step way to the result.


Ratings (1 is the lowest and 5 is the highest):

Value to beginners: 4

Value as a tutorial: 3

Value as a reference: 3


One Response to “Review: SAP CRM Web Client Customizing and Development”

  1. Barry Morterud said

    Regarding the practical examples, I was not able to get the code to activate for implementing the event handler (page 398). More specifically trying to call the method op_to_overviewpage. It appears, at least to me, that certain coding has either been left out or is just incorrect. I found some other minor errors (ending brackets omitted etc..)on some of the htm code. I bought the book primarily for the practical examples and had hoped to use them as a learning guide.

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